Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cumulus clouds

Cumulus clouds, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.
Every day this time of year our skies start out fairly clear and blue. Then the clouds start to build, usually puffy clouds, turning into towering cumulus. Towering cumulus can assemble themselves into cumulonimbus – tall, tall skyscrapers of misty water droplets that return to earth in tropical downpours. These clouds can tower for miles, up to 40,000 feet!

This time of year I also see a lot of butterflies: Sulphurs of all types, Whites, Gulf Fritillaries, Viceroys, White Peacocks, Swallowtails…a riot of fluttering color. It seemed appropriate to add a Sulphur against the clouds, since I see so many pairs of them dancing and swirling up in the sky lately.

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