Coloring pages

Free PDF files available to teachers, parents, and students, drawn from entries posted to my blog, A Nature Art Journal in Southwest Florida.  These links allow you to download, save, and print a standard letter-size page (8.5 x 11 inches).  Just click on the name to view online, or right click to save to your computer.  You may have to have to download the document first to save it.  Please respect my copyright and use for personal and educational purposes only!

You can also access some of these via my page for thumbnails of each page and a download link.  Scribd requires a login with Facebook or by creating an account in order to download. 

Coloring and activity pages:


If you link to my page, please mention my name, Elizabeth Smith, and the blog title, A Nature Art Journal in Southwest Florida.
Thank you!

A short flip book on observation for nature journaling


  1. These are wonderful. I'm going to use them for some kids I'm tutoring in art and drawing. Thanks for making them available -- they're beautiful, too.

  2. Thank you, Joy. I hope the kids enjoy using them for their own works of art!