Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project sketchbook
The sketchbook and the informational insert.

I’m going to participate in Project Sketchbook 2013!  Actually, you can too!  Project Sketchbook 2013 is an international venture for artists, sketchers, journalers, or any creative person that feels a need to chronicle their life or experiences on paper.  

The sketchbooks will be part of a traveling library, which lends the sketchbooks out (just like regular books).  It will also have a permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library, a storefront space in (yes) Brooklyn, New York.  All this was dreamed up and brought to fruition by Art House, LLC, who have been enabling creative people since 2006. 

How to participate?  For a small fee, they will send you a small (just under 5 x 7 inches) 32-page sketchbook  with a bar code on the back specific to you, the author/artist.  For a bit more, they’ll digitize the book so people can access it online.  If you’d like to see examples of past books, click here

The back of the sketchbook - my information immortalized in a bar code!

I’m doing this as part of a small group, SWFL Art Friends, initiated by my sketching friend Stephanee M., which allows each of us a discount (thank you again Stephanee!).  My theme is “Sketchbook” which I hope allows a lot of leeway in subject matter.  Somehow I think my pages will be nature-related!  The paper itself is a bit thin, so I’m leaning in the direction of ink with some light washes.  Right now I’m still having a bit of “blank-page fright,” and haven’t made a single mark in it – ack!

The beauty of this project is that ANYONE can participate and create one!  How cool is that?

Click on photos to view larger.  Comments and feedback appreciated.  Thanks for stopping by!