Thursday, February 4, 2010

More things from my yard!

More things from my yard!, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.

The previous drawing was so much fun that I did another!  The squirrels have been busy with the slash pine cones as well as the live oak acorns.  This cone is fairly small, and just starting to open up.  The faded and battered Tillandsia bloom spike hung on all year until I snipped it off to draw, it must have some tough fibers in it.  It is already sporting new bloom spikes, they'll provide me with a bit of bright red color soon.

The marlberry fruit is ripening unevenly, with some wonderful color variations from green to rose to violet to purple-black.  They're eaten by various birds and other wildlife.  I've read that they are edible for humans, but have never tried it out; maybe a little research is in order!  The dried flowers of the golden dewdrop were probably damaged by our frosts.  They are a lovely purplish-brown in this state, but I'm not sure I captured it very well.

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