Sunday, January 3, 2010

Live oak leaves

Live oak leaves, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.

Just when you've learned to recognize leaf shapes and get to know a tree, you come across one that likes variety. I'm used to live oak leaves that look (mostly) like the center leaf in my drawing.

Imagine my surprise to find these other shapes in the leaf litter below the tree. I checked the branches above to see if others on this tree were this variable, and yes, they were! Solid evidence for using more than one field guide for identification.

I drew this fairly quickly with my new Sakura Pigma Sepia pens, and laid in a few watercolor washes to reflect the color differences. I have a few of the Sakura black ink pens, but brown or sepia ink just seems a little friendlier for some subjects.

The pens work well in the Aquabee sketchbook I've been using, and the set has a nice variety of weights and tips. The color scans just a wee bit cooler in color (at least on my monitor); on the page they seem a bit warmer in hue.

You can click on the topmost image to view it larger on my Flickr photostream.  Thank you for visiting!