Sunday, December 27, 2009

Horseshoe crab, partial shell

This partial piece of the top of a horseshoe crab seemed so intriguing that I felt compelled to sketch it in more detail.

It turned out to be more complicated than I thought, but also somehow more satisfying. Maybe I found that elusive "zone" for a short time. Anyway, I wanted to share this.

I've been using an Aquabee sketchbook lately, at least until I have time to construct some new sketchbooks. I still have a few pages of Arches hot-press watercolor paper in my last sketchbook, but I'm hoarding those!

The Aquabee sketchbook has turned out to be very versatile - so far I've tried watercolor pencil (and light washes), Pitt ink pens, and pencil. It's also a nice size - 9 x 6 inches - easy to carry, and small enough to invite quick (or longer) sketches. In this case, a longer and more detailed study than the previous posting.
You can click on the image above to see it larger on my Flickr photostream.