Sunday, September 20, 2009


Mistflower, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.

Conoclinium coelestinum
Aster family

It seems to me that autumn has a penchant for lavender and purple flowers. These Mistflowers have a peculiar lavender color that sometimes looks pinkish, but other times more blue. These were volunteers in a recent landscaping job, popping up from under the low shrubs lining the sidewalk/bike path. The blooms seem to be ending as most of the flowers have gone to seed; a mere breath of wind sends the fluff-tailed seeds aloft.

Pale violet colors are tricky to paint, so I did some test color charts beforehand to get a feeling for the best combinations. Glad I did! It may be hard to tell on your screen, but the Opera Rose and Manganese Blue yielded clear and bright mixes that were most like the bloom color. I’ll save these for reference later!

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Wikipedia fans can read a bit more by clicking  here.