Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Award

Thank you to Kathy A. Johnson of Catching Happiness for awarding me the “Beautiful Blogger” award!
I’m relatively new to blogging, starting only last September. I have been learning ever since.

Part of the award meme is that I inform my readers of ten random facts about myself, and pass the award to four blogs. Although I try to browse different types of blogs, my favorites will always be art and nature related. So let’s do the fun stuff first!

 Elva’s Field Notes, Elva Paulson
Lovely sketches, enjoyable writing, I always learn something! Oregon.

Just Around the Corner, Debbie Drechsler
Close-up observations of nature, many from her walks in California. She knows everything about mushrooms.

Red and the Peanut, Kelly Riccetti
Gorgeous photos and well-observed watercolors. Very knowledgeable about birds. Ohio.

South Carolina Low Country Nature Journaling and Art, Pam Johnson Brickell
She creates wonderful journal pages about the natural world of South Carolina. She knows her plants and birds!

And now for the ten random facts:

1. My art skills are largely self-taught, and I believe everyone has artistic abilities within themselves.

2. As a child, I got to help my father band doves and ducks. I will never forget the feel of delicate bird bones and the muted rainbow colors of a mourning dove’s feathers.

3. I’m happiest when I am drawing or painting or walking in the woods.

4. I once found a dead hummingbird, stuffed it with cotton balls, and kept it in a shoebox under my bed. My parents were not amused.

5. Snakes don’t bother me. I kept rat snakes for a friend of mine for a year.

6. Although I live in Florida, I have a secret passion for the desert, especially near the mountains. Geology was a favorite.

7. While I like to make lists, I don’t necessarily like to make lists about myself. Thanks, Kathy. :D

8. I have a fear of stinging insects. This goes back to an unfortunate run-in with a hornet’s nest when I was about 8 or 9 years old.

9. When pressed, I find it hard to name a favorite color. I find myself lost in thought and memories of all of the stunning colors I’ve ever seen.

10. When I type my blog name into  the Typealyzer  I’m informed that my blog personality type is that of mechanic. You can enter my blog address into that website to read more about it.   Apparently my blog is heavily weighted toward the left brain. Hmmmm. Perhaps there should be more art?

If you must know more, you can visit this page when I was tagged on Flickr.  But enough about me, visit the blogs above and enjoy!