Sunday, August 14, 2011

More nature sketching at Grace Place

A nature journal entry from our first field trip to Freedom Park.

In early August I worked with the summer campers at Grace Place a second time. We met at Freedom Park, so I could share with them one of my outdoor “studios.” After a short show-and-tell of my past nature journals, we took a short stroll down the boardwalk towards the wetland area.

Using our five senses to experience nature - our second field trip (Freedom Park).

I spoke to the kids briefly about my process, and how I become a nature detective in order to sharpen my observation skills for my drawings. Then I created a journal page with their input about the different things we saw, heard, and felt.

On our first field trip, we were enthralled at the sight of a large black snake climbing and sliding through a low shrub. On the second, we observed squirrels scampering up and down a laurel oak. Both times, we saw several types of plants, insects, berries, and nuts. The kids had sharp eyes!
Drawing and painting nature objects.

The following week I visited Grace Place with various nature objects and plant cuttings, and the kids had their opportunity to spend time creating their own nature art! The following day, each group shared their artwork in a group critique.
Busy at the art table testing our materials.

If you’d like to see photos and read a more detailed description of what we did, please visit my July post for a report on the process.

If you’d like to give your kids or students a simple way to create a nature journal page, I’ve created a free template that you can download and print. It has questions to spark observations and a space to draw. Use it to learn about the natural areas in nearby parks, schoolyards, and even your own backyard!

Making a study of a sea grape leaf with watercolor pencils.

Sometimes it's fun to research!

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