Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Magnolia, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.

Magnolia has become a popular landscaping tree here in Southwest Florida, although it has a native range of Central Florida up into North Carolina and Texas. I always think of this tree as representing the “Old South” along with Spanish moss-draped live oaks.

The flowers can be huge!  And the scent - like a slighty lemony peony - is clean and not cloying.  Besides these creamy-white velvety blooms, magnolias also have glossy, thick leaves and a distinctive seed cone. You can see an example of these seed cones, or "burrs" here on this blog, and another one here on my Flickr page.

I’m trying out my calligraphy on this journal entry, inspired by other journal keepers who use words beautifully: Pam Johnson Brickell  and Gay Kraeger. I might add that I was also inspired by the rediscovery of my old Sanford calligraphic pen! I’m a bit out of practice, but it’s surprising how quickly those skills come back.

You can click on the image above to view it larger on my Flickr photostream. Thanks for stopping by, and please visit Pam and Gay for further inspiration!